OWNSPACE Building Project

We’d like to take this time to acknowledge Dunstan Peter, President & CEO of Trinity Tech Inc. for his generous contribution to the Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce’s #OwnSpace Building Project.

It has been a well-known vision of our organization to finally have a place of our own. In order for the CTCC to grow and fully meet its potential and satisfy its mission, it should have a space of its own. With a building/office space, the CTCC can hold many more events, larger meetings, workshops, seminars and provide other value-added services. This will become a very valuable asset for the CTCC and will grow in value over time. Although it started off as an aspiring dream, individuals such as Dunstan Peter has turned it to reality. At our 2019 Annual Awards Gala, Dunstan has donated over $100,000 in order for CTCC to satisfy its mission. He has been a tremendous support to our community in several ways and on behalf of CTCC, we’d like to sincerely thank him for his contribution to our building project and for supporting the Tamil community.

Trinity Tech Inc. was born in 2009 through the belief that there was a better, more cost-effective way to support the automotive industries quality needs. Emerging to serve the automotive industry across North America, they focus on delivering their customers rapid response, professionalism and competency, on every project. Trinity has grown their operations to 5 Offices, and 6 Warehouses across Canada, United States, Mexico, China and India. Founded by Dunstan Peter, Trinity Tech Inc. has been recognized by clients & media for consistently thinking creatively and providing adaptable, turnkey solutions to clients.

Dunstan also founded TNEXT Communication Inc, another success story in telecom industry providing service to over 5000 small to medium enterprises and residential customers such as Internet, VOIP, e-fax, Icloud, web hosting. We focus on customer satisfaction through simple billing, personal account manager, 60 sec call answer, no contract and no throttling.

In 2015 Dunstan’s entrepreneurial nature had him found Trinity Star Development, a company focused on becoming a leader of prefabricated modular homes and offices. His vision is to provide safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly modular homes and offices. The company focuses on professional designs, development and installation of modular homes and offices. Trinity Star’s product line encompasses of foldable, expandable, flat pack and stackable modular homes and offices.