Supplier Representation

Addressing concerns on site, before they turn in to issues.

What is a Supplier Representative?

Are you looking to build better relationships with your customers that you just don’t have the time to visit? Are you looking to handle and root cause issues at OEM’s before you get charged back?

Trinity’s supplier representation solutions are used by some of the largest companies in the industry. Through eliminating the need to hire a full time employee to support these remote customer locations, you save costs without sacrificing quality, as you will receive a fully trained individual, conversant in your product, who is familiar with the plant layout, processes, and internal contacts.

Your Supplier Rep will:

  • Act as your eyes and ears on site to ensure the reputation of your brand is protected
  • Attend Production, Engineering, Quality and Plant Trial Meetings as Required
  • Provide Quality Status & Warranty Updates
  • Regularly Interface with Incoming Quality (IQ) and Plant Vehicle Teams (PVT)
  • Provide Initial Analysis on Site & Organize Containment Activities
  • Review FMEA & PPAP Submissions

Locations Served

Click to view the locations we currently support supplier representation in.

Your Benefits

Flexible Pricing

Packages starting at only 20 hours per week, and customers not billed for plant downtime.


Receive 20 Hours of no-cost product training, and monthly training recalibrations.

Cost & Time Savings

Organize containment through Trinity with preferred rates & response time.

What our clients are saying

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